Friday, October 13, 2006

New Book/DVD - Eating/Super size me

Peter Singer & Jim Mason
Eating: what we eat and why it matters
Arrow Books, 2006, 174.966 SIN

Morgan Spurlock
Super Size Me
Tartan Video, 2005, DVD SPU

Whether from a Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University or a maverick filmmaker who films the consequences of eating nothing but McDonald's for a month, the politics of eating has become a major issue within contemporary western society. Although sharing the conviction that what we eat matters, Eating and
Super size me approach the subject of food from distinctly different angles. Morgan Spurlock's popular documentary film focuses specifically on America and the social political and economic factors that have enabled damaging fast foods to become so prevalent within modern America, as well as the devastating consequences this is having on the health of a nation. Peter Singer focuses on the ethical complexity of food and its relationship with the individual, and is not so quick to place blame on fast food companies such as McDonald's. For example, in an interview with Mother Jones Magazine, Singer praises initiatives such as the burrito chain Chipolte which is owned by McDonald's and aims to use as much organic food as possible.

Super size me - the debate is a McDonald's website addressing many of the issues in Morgan Spurlock's film.

Read a
Guardian article on a laboratory replication of Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size me' experiment.

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