Friday, December 15, 2006

New book - The Future of Socialism

Andy Crosland
The Future of Socialism
Constable, 2006, 320.531 CRO

First published in 1956, the latest edition of
Andy Crosland's book The Future of socialism boldly declares itself to be "the book that changed the face of British politics".

Despite being written so long before the 'new labour' movement, Crosland, who was a labour MP, was what could be called a revisionist socialist and so held views that posed significant challenges to what many people would consider the traditional 'old labour' values. The Future of socialism is so clearly relevant to the new labour movement that Gordon Brown writes the forward to the latest edition of the book, and Roy Hattersley, in an article in the
Times Online argues that:

'If anybody in Labour's leadership is interested in the ideas on which "renewal" could be built, Tony Crosland's The Future of Socialism, published 50 years ago this month, provides the classic formula for relating the ideals of social democracy to the realities of the modern world.'

As support for the current labour government dwindles, the publication of this new edition is timely. The philosophy set out by Crosland is fundamental for the New Labour project, and some might argue, also contains the key for reviving the fortunes of the Party of the future

The Future of socialism is available to borrow now in the RSA library.

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