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RSA Library Update - April 2007

What follows is a complete list of RSA library acquisitions for the month of April 2007. Fellows are welcome to e-mail if they wish to borrow any of these items, or search the library catalogue for thousands of other titles....

000s – Generalities

100s – Philosophy & Psychology

G.Neil Martin, Neil R. Carlson & William Buskist
Pearson Higher Education, 2007, 150 MAR
This new third edition of Psychology introduces students to the central concepts, ideas, theories and findings in all major branches of psychology.

RSA Fellow’s donation.

Lucienne Roberts
Good: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design
AVA Academia, 2006, 174.974
This timely book is a reaction to the current tendency within design for a focus on style-led design solutions and the pursuit of self-expression alone. Urging designers to use their influence wisely, Lucienne Roberts seeks to open up a dialogue about ‘good design’ and challenge the perpetuation of vacuous design judgements that are often made without any real analysis of the criteria used.

200s – Religion

Richard Dawkins
The God Delusion
Bantam, 2006, 211.8 DAW
While Europe is largely secularized, the rise of religious fundamentalism, whether in the Middle East or Middle America, divides opinion around the world. The God Delusion attacks God in various forms, from the sex-obsessed, cruel tyrant of the Old Testament to the more benign, but still illogical, Celestial Watchmaker favoured by some Enlightenment thinkers.

300s – Social Sciences

We Are What We Do
Change the World for a Fiver: 50 Actions to Change the World and Make You Feel Good.
Short Books, 2004, 303.4 CHA
This book marked the launch of ‘We Are What We Do’, a national movement developed by the charity Community Links that aims to inspire people to make small changes and undertake small acts that can have a large impact on the environment, society, and their individual lives.

RSA Lecture related item 'People Making Waves' Wednesday 18 April 2007.

We Are What We Do
Change the World 9 to 5: 50 Actions to Change the World at Work
Short, 2006, 306.36 HEN
Following up from the best selling Change the World for a Fiver, this stimulating and thought provoking book looks at actions we can take in and around the workplace.
RSA Lecture related item: 'People Making Waves' Wednesday 18 April 2007.

Nick Cohen
What's Left?: How Liberals Lost Their Way
Fourth Estate, 2007, 320.51 COH
From the much-loved, witty and excoriating voice of journalist Nick Cohen, comes this powerful and irreverent dissection of the agonies, idiocies and compromises of mainstream liberal thought.

Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington & Joji Wotanuki
The Crisis of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies to The Trilateral Commission
New York University Press, 1975, 321.8 CRO
A classic report on democracy from 1975, made to the pan North American, European and Pacific Asian independent organisation - The Trilateral Commission.

Maurice Fraser (ed.)
European Union: the Next Fifty Years
Financial Times Business, 2007, 327.410 MAU
Half a Century after the EEC was established by the Treaty of Rome, fifty leading politicians and political thinkers provide their hope and ambitions for the next fifty years of the EU.

RSA Lecture related item: 'The next 50 years: what sort of Europe do we want?'

Will Hutton
The Writing on the Wall: China and the West in the 21st Century
Little, Brown, 2007, 330.951 HUT

The Writing on the Wall is an incisive and thoroughly accessible account of China's emergence as an economic power from the best selling author of The State We’re In.

David Strahan
The Last Oil Shock: A Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man
John Murray, 2007, 333.823 STR
The Last Oil Shock is the story of a threat even more serious than global terrorism, and even more urgent than global warming. David Strahan guides us through the shocking facts of the looming energy supply and energy security crisis facing the world.

Stuart Skorman & Catherine Guthrie
Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: Why I Can't Stop Starting Over
John Wiley & Sons, 2007, 338.097 SKO
Stuart Skorman gives us an insider's view of what it takes to start a business from the ground up, offering his hard-won lessons in business for any entrepreneur or small businessperson who wants to create a company that has a heart and soul.

Bryan Burrough
Barbarians at the Gate: the Fall of RJR Nabisco
Arrow Books, 2004, 338.836 BUR
Barbarians at the Gate is the shocking account of the largest corporate take-over in American history. Bryan Burrough tells the ultimate story of greed and glory with 25 billion dollars at stake.

Ian Shapiro
Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy Against Global Terror
Princeton University Press, 2007, 363.325 SHA
Attacking both the Bush administration’s inflammatory national security programme and the inability of the US Democrat party to present viable alternatives, Containment argues that the idea of containment offers the best hope for protecting American security and encoring the expansion of democracy throughout the world.

ThuRSdAy related item, ‘Confronting Nuclear Proliferation in an Age of Terror'.

Drugs - Facing Facts: the Report of the RSA Commission on Illegal Drugs, Communities and Public Policy
RSA, 2007, 364.177 RSA
Following a wide-ranging two-year study, this report was launched in March 2007 by the RSA and proposes a radical rethink in drugs policy ahead of a major government review of the National Drug Strategy in 2008.

Professor W.J. Morgan
Teacher Mobility, 'Brain Drain', Labour Markets and Educational Resources in the Commonwealth
Department for International Development, 2006, 370 MOR
The result of an 18 month research project, funded by the Department for International Development, this book examines the role of education within strategies for poverty elimination.

RSA Fellow’s donation.

400s – Language

500s – Natural Sciences & Mathematics

600s – Technology (Applied Sciences)

Bryan Appleyard
How to Live Forever or Die Trying: on the New Immortality
Simon & Schuster, 2007, 612.68 APP
The search for immortality has been a constant human refrain throughout history and medical science has improved at an exponential rate in recent decades and there are those who believe that the ability to cheat death will soon be within our reach. In this book Bryan Appleyard examines our human desire to live forever.

Mike Southon & Chris West
The Boardroom Entrepreneur: Putting the Craft of Entrepreneurship to Work Inside the Large Organisation
Random House Business Books, 2005, 658.421 SOU
Entrepreneurs are the masters of change in the modern business environment: visionary, flexible, innovative. Large, established organizations look ponderous in comparison - but they need to change too, now more than ever. Can they learn from entrepreneurs? Or is the culture clash just too great? Mike Southon and Chris West, authors of the bestselling The Beermat Entrepreneur, believe that established institutions can harness the entrepreneurial passions and skills of their people. In this book, they show how.

Chris Fill
Simply Marketing Communications
Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2006, 658.802 FIL
The third edition of Fill’s best selling, theoretically strong marketing communications text provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject and focuses on two main themes- integrated marketing communications and relationship marketing.

Ian Wilkinson
Inclusive Design: Clear and Large Print Best Practice Guide for Designers
International Society of Typographical Designers, 2007, 686.22 WIL
Written by RNIB with specific reference to the Disability Discrimination Act and supported by the Design Council and the European Institute for Design and Disability, Inclusive Design is a landmark publication which provides a framework within which to work when producing typography and graphic design for people with partial sight.

RSA related item: Design Directions.

700s – The Arts

Gerald Scarfe
Drawing Blood: Forty-five Years of Scarfe Uncensored
Little Brown & Co., 2005, 741.594 SCA
Drawing blood is the first collection of Gerald Scarfe drawings and paintings to be released for twenty years. A truly exceptional artist and one of Britain’s most revered cultural commentators; Scarfe is also a member of the RSA Royal Designers for Industry faculty.
RSA related item: Royal Designers for Industry collection.

Phil Baines & Steve Hare (ed.)
Penguin by Designers
Penguin Collectors' Society, 2007, 741.640 BAI
As part of Penguin’s 70th anniversary celebrations, The Penguin Collectors’ Society held a study day at the V&A to explore the history of the design of Penguin books. Penguin by Designers documents this fascinating event, attended by many of the people who have been involved in the design of Penguin books over the last fifty years.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Pentagram & Delphine Hirasuna (ed.)
The Pentagram Papers: a collection of 36 papers containing curious, entertaining, stimulating, provocative, and occasionally controversial points of view that have come to the attention of, or in some cases are actually originated by, the partners of Pentagram Design
Chronicle Books, 2007, 745.2 PEN
Since 1975, the famed international design firm Pentagram has produced a series of signature documents, known as Pentagram Papers, exclusively for their clients and colleagues. For the firms thirty-fifth anniversary, these idiosyncratic and influential pieces are collected together for the first time and made available to the public.
RSA related item: Royal Designers for Industry collection.

Kathryn Best
Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation
AVA Publishing SA, 2007, 745.206 BES
Design Management is about the management of design in industry. It leads the reader through the strategy, process and implementation of design management via an exploration of the required skills, theory and practice of each.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Trevor Naylor
Living Normally: Where Life Comes Before Style
Thames & Hudson, 2007, 747.1 NAY
The anti-style bible for those who ignore makeover culture, Living Normally is an interiors book with a difference. Fifteen inhabitants of ordinary homes are given the chance to air their views on life at home today and to have the world come for a cuppa at their place.

Wall and Piece
Century, 2005, 759.2 BAN
Banksy is responsible for decorating the streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cites through Britain and the world with works of art. Officially a criminal by law, his brand of graffiti art combines comedy with political and social comment to great effect.

800s – Literature

John Mullan
How Novels Work
Oxford University Press, 2006, 809.3 MUL
Using examples from popular novels, John Mullan examines the techniques by which fiction works. He explains how the pleasures of novel reading often come from the formal ingenuity of the novelist, addresses the close reading of fiction, and shows that literary criticism is something that fiction enthusiasts can do.

900s – Geography & History

Alistair Horne
A Savage War of Peace: Algeria, 1954-1962
New York Review Books, 2006, 965.046 HOR
British historian Horne spent much of his career studying French military history. In this work originally published in 1977, he turns his eye on France's failed colonial war in Algeria.

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