Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Featured Book - "Design Management"

Kathryn Best
Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation
AVA Publishing, 2007, 745.206 BES

Written by RSA Fellow Kathryn Best and published by
AVA Publishing, Design Management is a guide to the key knowledge, practice and skills required when applying design to business. Bringing together the study of these two different disciplines in order to promote a clearer understanding of the relationship between design and management and its importance within a successful organisation, Kathryn Best provides the reader with a clear guide to managing the strategy, the process and the implementation of a project from conception to delivery.

Having established a long-running and successful tradition of projects that celebrate and promote good design, such as our
Royal Designer for Industry Faculty and Design Directions competitions, the RSA has a strong commitment to exploring how design can be used to remove the barriers to social progress. Encouraging the effective use of design in business strategy, Design Management makes a vital contribution to our understanding of the potential uses of design and will make valuable reading for students of design, marketing, media communications and business, as wells as all those involved in the management of design within macro or micro organisations.

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