Friday, September 21, 2007

Featured Book - "The Triumph of the Political Class "

Peter Oborne
The Triumph of the Political Class
Simon & Schuster, 2007, 320.

Subject of a recent ThuRSdAy lunchtime lecture, Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne’s new book, The Triumph of the Political Class, draws on his experience as a political journalist to diagnose a class of politicians who have left behind the idea of going into politics for that quaintest of reasons: to serve the public Expanding further on previous books and columns, Oborne charges this elite with eroding Britain’s former socio-political divides by bridging the Left-Right gap in favour of presenting the same policies with different spins to an alienated public via a sensationalist media, and reducing politics to a source of personal gain.

Relating these new developments to the history of eighteenth century venality, Oborne asks if, in these allegedly enlightened times, should we not know better? Do we not deserve better from those who seek our electoral approval? Full of revealing and insightful stories and anecdotes to support his case, and with a passionate call for reform, The Triumph of the Political Class is destined to be a much-talked-about political book of 2007, and is supported by a companion documentary in the Dispatches strand, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” at 8PM, Monday 24th September on Channel 4.

To borrow a copy of The Triumph of the Political Class contact the RSA Library.

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