Friday, November 23, 2007

Featured book - "We-Think"

Charlie Leadbeater

Blogged by Tessy Britton at the Open RSA blog, Charles Leadbeater’s forthcoming book makes a mockery of the term “forthcoming book” by being available online, along with all the value-added digital goodies that are normally reserved for subscribers, for free, right now, months before it comes out in print.

One of the introductory speakers at the launch of RSA Networks yesterday, Leadbeater spoke then, as in does in this book, on the power of large groups of people operating on Open Source principles to create, refine and implement revolutionary and powerful new ideas, from the free operating system Linux to the community-organised classified ads of Craigslist.

In describing, explaining and promoting the capacity for self-regulating, self-creating networks of individuals to generate public goods, We-Think forms a valuable reference for the work the RSA is currently undertaking to transform the relationship the its Fellows, as well as between the Fellows themselves.

To find out more about the RSA’s work in this area you can follow, and join in, the discussions on the RSA Networks and OpenRSA blogs.

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