Friday, June 13, 2008

Featured Book - "Complaint"

Julian Baggini
Complaint: From Minor Moans to Principled Protest
Profile, 2008, 302.24 BAG

Julian Baggini, co-founder of The Philosophers’ Magazine and columnist for the Guardian and the Herald, has always taken a practical approach to philosophical problems.

While no fan of bad complaining, his new book is a principled defence of taking it to the level of an artform. From its function as a social glue in the face of a fragmenting society, to the whingeing roots of social reform movements, Baggini outlines how to complain and what’s worth complaining about.

Julian Baggini will be speaking at the RSA on Thursday 19 June, and to borrow a copy of Complaint: From Minor Moans to Principled Protest, please email the RSA Library.

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