Friday, September 26, 2008

Featured Book - "What's the Point of School?"

Guy Claxton
What's the Point of School? Rediscovering the Heart of Education
Oneworld, 2008, 370.1 CLA

With the opening of the RSA Academy in Tipton this September, the first school in the country to be designed and built around the principles of our Opening Minds curriculum, it's timely that the RSA is hosting a discussion of Guy Claxton's new book, What's the Point of School? Rediscovering the Heart of Education.

Claxton, a profressor in Education as well as fellow of the British Psychological Society, has long advocated learning styles similar to Opening Mind's competency-based teaching, arguing for the replacment of the traditional three-R's with a new set of four: resilience, resourcefulness, reflection, and relationships, and as co-director of Winchester University's Centre for Real-world Learning, he has worked to understand how people learn the skills to that they need to accomplish real-world tasks, from writing stories to resolving heated arguments.

Guy Claxton will be in discussion with educationalists Mike Gibbons, deputy director of The Innovation Unit and Dylan William on 2 October 2008, at 1pm, as part of our RSA Thursday strand. Follow this link to book your place, and email the RSA Library to borrow a copy of What's the Point of School? and other Claxton publications.

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