Friday, January 26, 2007

New Book - Carbon Counter

Mark Lynas
Carbon Counter: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
HarperCollins Publishers, 2007, 363.738 LYN

The RSA's highly successful
CarbonLimited project has made a valuable contribution to the current political and social movement towards tackling climate change. By creating the formula for a system whereby individuals have a tradable annual quota for their production of carbon, the project not only places a financial cost to the production of carbon but also alerts each individual to their personal responsibility to actively participate in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Mark Lynas' handy pocket sized book, Carbon Counter: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint, also makes a real contribution to publicising the responsibility of all of us as individuals to reduce our carbon output. Conceived to be as practical and usable as possible, Mark Lynas not only provides us with a step by step guide to calculating your carbon emissions, he also explains why climate change is the world’s biggest issue, and what you can do to reduce your footprint.

Mark Lynas has previously been involved in the RSA Arts & Ecology Project, taking part in discussions such as 'Arts & Ecology - on the page', which explored the way writers are addressing the environmental challenges of our time.

Listen to a transcript of RSA Chairman Gerry Acher's recent RSA lecture
'Carbon: A Personal Responsibility'.

Read about the BBC News experiment, following an average family attempting to cut their carbon footprint.

Read a review of Carbon Counter: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint from the Guardian Website.

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