Thursday, January 11, 2007

New book - China: Friend or Foe?

Hugo De Burgh
China: friend or foe?
Icon, 2006, 303.482 BUR

China’s economy is growing phenomenally, with half the world’s cranes currently on its soil. Its 1.3 billion people have around 300 million mobile phones, and a purchasing power second only to the US. Yet, especially in rural areas, there is widespread poverty. Tackling issues such as how China is managed and the way it uses its political and cultural influence, professor of Journalism and expert on China Hugo De Burgh asks whether China is a friend to be welcomed or a foe to be guarded against?

Watch a video of Hugh De Burgh discussing China: friend or foe? from
Meet the author.

Read the view of lawyer, economist and finance journalist
Ben Stein on the question of China as a economic threat to the West.

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