Friday, February 23, 2007

Featured Book - Hogarth

Mark Hallett

Phaidon, 2000, 709 HOG/HAL

A comprehensive collection of works by William Hogarth has recently gone on display in a major new exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery.

As well as a a substantial collection of contemporary art and design books supporting current RSA projects such as our Arts & Ecology programme or our recent Art for Architecture project, the RSA Library also contains works on British and international art throughout history.

Hogarth is an comprehensive analysis of the life and work of William Hogarth, exploring both what Hogarth had to say about the rapidly changing eighteenth century society in which he worked, and what he still has to offer modern art and society as a whole. Mark Hallett examines the circumstances and meaning of the 'moral pieces' for which Hogarth is perhaps best known, illustrating the role he played as a witty and highly observant social commentator. Yet he also pays tribute to Hogarth's talent as painter of portraits and group scenes, and the versatility he demonstrated in being able to work with paint, ink and engraving.

Why not use the book as an accompaniment to a tour of the Hogarth Exhibition or a visit to Hogarth's House in west London.

Read the British Museum's William Hogarth Fact sheet.

Read an article about Hogarth from The Guardian newspaper.

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