Thursday, March 01, 2007

Featured Book - What Are Children For?

Laurie Taylor & Matthew Taylor
What Are Children For?
Short Books, 2003, 306.874 TAY

The ThuRSdAy event this week focused on the relationship between parents and children in today's society. Entitled Time to grow up: Have generation X parents failed their children? the event was chaired by Matthew Taylor, who was involved not only as the Chief Executive of the RSA, but also as the co-author of the book What Are Children For?

In an age where large numbers of adults are waiting longer and longer to enter into parenthood or deciding not to have children at all, and where the demands of work are encroaching ever further on family and social life, What Are Children For? delves into the psychology of parenthood and poses so difficult questions to parents everywhere. Written together with his father, broadcaster and journalist Laurie Taylor, the book is both a study of the current state of parenting, conducted by parents of different generations, as well as an intimate dialogue between a father and son seeking to resolve their very different attitudes to family life.

Listen to Laurie & Matthew Taylor's appearance on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

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