Friday, March 30, 2007

New Book - Good: Ethics in Graphic Design

Lucienne Roberts
Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design
AVA Publishing, 2006, 174.974 ROB

Contributing to the library's support of all projects run by the RSA Programme Department, Good: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design explores the emerging concept of 'design for good', examining the way designers, as people, are constantly faced with decisions that shape the outcome of their work and thus the world at large.

Covering everything from the ethical decision a designer faces when choosing who to work for, to the ethics of who a product is designed for and the motivation behind the design itself, the book uses contributions from a number of professionals in design and related fields to answer the fundamental question 'What is good design?'

Working at the forefront of the 'design for good' concept, Design Directions is an RSA scheme working with student designers to promote engagement in social, cultural and ethical issues. Focusing on user-centred methodologies, Design Directions offers awards in a wide array of especially crafted design subjects, such as 'Design for Patient Safety', 'Designing Out Waste in Specific Environments', 'Furniture for Real Environments' and 'Natural Disaster Relief'.

The RSA is currently (and for a very limited time only) hosting exhibition called Designing Our Futures showcasing a selection of winning work from past RSA student design award schemes, at the Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art (RCA).

An exhibition of the 2005/06 Design Directions winners is available to view online.

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