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RSA Library Update - March 2007

What follows is a complete list of RSA library acquisitions for the month of February 2007. Fellows are welcome to e-mail if they wish to borrow any of these items, or search the library catalogue for thousands of other titles....

000s – Generalities

100s – Philosophy & Psychology

Robert B. Cialdini
Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion
Quill/ William Morrow, 1993, 153.852 CAL
Influence is an investigation into the six psychological principles that drive our powerful impulse to comply to the pressures of others. Practically focused, it discusses how to defend against manipulation.

200s– Religion

300s – Social Sciences

John Scott
Social Theory: Contemporary Debates
Edward Elgar, 1995, 301.01 SCO
Social Theory: Contemporary Debates explores the principle trends and lines of division within contemporary sociology, presenting arguments about the relative merits of the positions covered. It considers symbolic interactions, rational choice and exchange theories, conflict theories, and structuralism.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

John Scott (ed.)
Fifty Key Sociologists: the Formative Theorists
Routledge, 2007, 301.092 SCO
Covering the life, work, ideas and impact of some of the most significant thinkers in sociology, this book concentrates on the most significant figures in the field that were writing principally in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

John Scott (ed.)
Fifty Key Sociologists: the Contemporary Theorists
Routledge, 2007, 301.092 SCO
The second in the "Fifty Key Sociologists” series, this book concentrates on figures writing predominantly in the second half of the twentieth century, such as Zygmunt Bauman, Pierre Bourdieu, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault and Claude Levi-Strauss. For each entry it includes full cross-referencing, a further reading section, biographical data, key works and ideas, and a critical assessment.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Rosemary Crompton (ed.), Fiona Devine (ed.) & Mike Savage (ed.) et al.
Renewing Class Analysis
Blackwell Publishers/ The Sociological Review, 2000, 305.5 CRO
This collection advances contemporary debates in class analysis by offering a range of new empirical research on emergent forms of social stratification and by re-thinking the intersection between economic change, social polarization, and the remaking of class relations.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Fiona Devine (ed.), Mike Savage (ed.), and John Scott (ed.) et al.
Rethinking Class: Culture, Identities & Lifestyle
Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, 305.5 DEV
Advancing debates in class analysis Rethinking Class draws on current theoretical debates in sociology and considers the implications of the cultural turn for the study of class.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

John Scott
Stratification & Power: Structures of Class, Status and Command
Polity Press, 1996, 305.5 SCO
Stratification & Power presents a systematic discussion of the leading theoretical approaches to social stratification. It is both an accessible overview and a distinctive contribution to the analysis of class, status and power. John Scott argues that, among other things, Max Weber's conceptual framework-reconstructed and enlarged-provides the basis for integrating what have been considered up to now as divergent approaches to stratification studies.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

John Scott
The Upper Classes: Property and Privilege in Britain
The Macmillan Press, 1982, 305.5 SCO
In this book John Scott draws together the major sources of evidence on the upper classes in British social development, and locates this evidence in a class frame of reference.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Jose Lopez & John Scott
Social Structure
Open University Press, 2000, 306 LOP
Social Structure argues that analysing the conceptual frameworks in which different concepts of social structure are embedded can help to clarify their meanings and reshape debates. This book aims to show that competing conceptions of social structure can be seen as capturing significant and different aspects of the reality of social organization.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

Lynsey Hanley
Estates: an Intimate History
Granta Books, 2007, 363.585 HAN
Britain's council estates have become a media shorthand for poverty, social mayhem, drugs, drink and violence - the social ills they were built to cure. This work focuses on how shifting trends in urban planning and changing government policies affected those so often left out of the argument over council estates.

400s – Language

500s – Natural Sciences &Mathematics

600s – Technology (Applied Sciences)

Robert I. Sutton
Weird Ideas that Work: 11 1/2 Ways to Promote, Manage and Sustain Innovation
Allen Lane, 2002, 658 SUT
Weird Ideas that Work begins by demystifying creativity at work and goes on to show how companies have managed and mismanaged the creative potential of their staff. The author's conclusions are drawn from studying dozens of successful companies and hundreds of case studies.

700s – The Arts

Maggie Smith (ed.)
The New Art
Rachmaninoff's, 2006, 709.05 SMI
A bold and exciting new book profiling some of the most significant work that could be described as 'new art'.

800s – Literature

900s – Geography & History


John Scott (ed.) & Gordon Marshall (ed.)
Oxford Dictionary of Sociology
Oxford University Press, 2005, 301.03 REF
This dictionary of sociology contains vital information at general interest level as well as catering for advanced students and teachers of sociology.
RSA Fellow’s donation.

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