Friday, February 10, 2006

DVD's In the RSA Library

A complete list of DVD's available to borrow in the RSA Library:


and here's the list

About With Betjeman
Green Umbrella, 2001, DVD GAM
A fond exploration of the former Poet Laureate Sir John Betjamen, particularly how he captured a sense of Britain in his poetry and prose.

The Ascent of Man
Award-winning series tracing the history of mankind's cultural development and scientific imagination from primitive times to the present day.

Bowling For Columbine
2003, DVD MOO
Award-winning documentary by Michael Moore confronting the issue of gun control in America.

Civilisation: a personal view by Lord Clark
Lord Clark gives his view of the eternal wisdoms and core values of Western European culture: from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Industrial Revolution and beyond.

Control Room
Tartan Video, 2004 DVD NOU
Arab-American filmmaker Jihana Nouijaim asks whether America is radicalizing or stabalizing the Arab world by examining and contrasting the presentations of the recent war in Iraq by Arab and American satellite television news media. Suggesting that Al Jazeeras, the Arab news network branded by the Bush administration as “Osama Bin-Laden’s mouthpiece” may actually be more in tune with democratic ideals than its American counterparts, Noujaim reminds us that truth is gathered, presented and ultimately created by those who deliver it.

Edward Said: the last interview
ICA Projects, 2004, DVD DIB
Interview with the acclaimed author in which he discusses his illness, his work, his life and education in this moving feature-length film.

Electric Edwardians: the films of Mitchell & Kenyon
BFI Video, 2005, DVD MIT
Highlights from the films of Mitchell & Kenyon.

Fahrenheit 9/11
Optimum Home Entertainment, 2004, DVD MOO
Michael Moore's Cannes-award winning attack on the Bush administration.

The Fog of War
Sony Pictures Classics, 2003, DVD MOR
Robert S. McNamara discusses his experiences and lessons learned during his tenure as Secretary of Defense under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

Four little girls
Feature film company, DVD LEE
Spike Lee's film about the 1963 bomb explosion in the basement of a Black Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed four girls.

Geoffrey Jones: the rhythm of film
BFI Video, 2005, DVD JON
A collection of the films of Geoffrey Jones.

A History of Britain: the complete series
From the Stone Age to the recent millennium, Simon Schama takes the viewer through the turbulent history which has shaped the British Isles.

The Human body: vols 1 and 2
BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2001, DVD WIN
In this ground breaking series, Dr Robert Winston explores the intricate mechanism of the human body and also charts the journey of human life from birth through to death.

Koyaanisqatsi: life out of balance
A spell-binding collection of photographed scenes, contrasting nature and urban society.

Powaqqatsi: life in transformation
A visually poetic depiction of ancient cultures and modern day life.

UGC Films UK, 2005, DVD NOS
A full-bodied examination of the surprisingly cut-throat international wine industry.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism
The Disinformation Company, 2004, DVD GRE
An investigation of the alleged conservative bias at Rupert Murdoch's Fox News channel.

A Personal journey with Martin Scorsese through American movies
The British Film Institute, DVD SCO
Martin Scorsese guides us through the history of American movies.

The Planets
BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2000, DVD WES
A journey through space & time, visiting the planets and major satellites of our Solar System.

Seven wonders of the industrial world
Acorn Media, 2004, DVD CAD
The acclaimed seven part television drama series.

The Sorrow and the pity
Arrow Film Distributors, 1969, DVD OPH
This Oscar-nominated documentary is a chronicle of the occupation of a small French industrial city during World War II.
2001, DVD NOU
Gripping documentary following the fate and fortune of the New York based website through the burst of the bubble.

South: Sir Ernest Shackleton's glorious epic of the Antarctic
British Film Institute, DVD HUR
The restored film record of Shackleton's heroic but ill-fated Antarctic crossing(1914-16).

Mo Media, 2002, DVD ELS
Account of a temporary rope sculpture exhibit based on the idea of travelling beyond borders.

Triumph of the will
DD Video, 2001, DVD RIE
Leni Riefenstahl's controversial film of the Nazi Party Congress held in Nuremberg in 1934.

World at war: vols 1 to 5
Thames Television, 2000, DVD OLI
A remarkable visual document charting the history of World War 2.

The Yes Men
Tartan Video, 2003, DVD SMI
Two board, middle-class American activists set up a fake World Trade Organisation website with a subtly subversive content. Much to their surprise, it fools enough people to get them invited by various organisations to give lectures on behalf of the WTO. This film is the hilarious but equally frightening account of these lectures, and the staggering lengths these activists have to go to in order to expose their own prank to these groups of so called 'experts'.

David Attenborough: The Blue planet
BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2001, DVD ATT
A spectacular voyage of discovery from the shallowest lagoon to the deepest ocean on earth.

David Attenborough: Life in the freezer
BBC, 1993, DVD ATT
Antarctica, the last great wilderness on Earth is explored in this fascinating series.

David Attenborough: The Trials of life
BBC, 1990, DVD ATT
Charts the struggle for survival of all living creatures on Earth from birth to death.

David Attenborough: The Life of birds
BBC, 1998, DVD ATT
Fascinating, colourful and wide-ranging series, celebrating the diversity of birds on Earth.

to borrow any of these DVD's, contact the Library.

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