Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Book - Breaking the spell

Daniel C. Dennett
Breaking the spell: religion as a natural phenomenon
Allen Lane, 2006, 200 DEN

In his latest book leading academic Daniel Dennett, who speaks at an RSA Lecture in March 2006 , brings us a bold and timely exploration into cultural and psychological role of religion in human societies. Discussing why and how different faiths have commanded allegiance and shaped so many lives, Dennett provides a detailed history of the development of religion and uses this to unravel the complex way religion has penetrated our social and psychological consciousness. He argues for the need, not to simply challenge religion, but to understand it as a powerful multifaceted phenomenon, as Breaking the spell presents us with a comprehensive explanation for religion that seeks to objectivity question this controlling foundation of our society.

Available to borrow by RSA Fellows - contact the Library for details. Ask about our Freepost service.

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