Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Book & DVD - The Yes Men

The Yes men: the true story of the end of the World Trade Organisation
The Disinformation Company, 2004, 791.437 BIC / DVD SMI

This award winning doccumentary film and acompanying book is the story of two board, middle-class American activists who set up a fake World Trade Organisation website with a subtly subversive content. Much to their surprise, it fools enough people to get them invited by various organisations to give lectures on behalf of the WTO. Naturally they jump at the oppotunity, and the film goes on to chart the hilarious but equally frightening progress of these lectures, and the staggering lengths these activists have to go to in order to expose their own prank. For more infomation, and to view the trailer, visit the The Yes Men movie. Or Why not join this new generation of activism and become a Yes Man/Woman now!

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