Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Book - Misunderstanding science?

Alan Irwin (ed.)
Misunderstanding science?: the public reconstruction of science and technology
Cambridge University Press, 2004, 306.45 MIS

Misunderstanding science offers a challenging perspective on the nature of modern science and its relationship with the public. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the current concerns over the uptake, authority, and effectiveness of science as expressed, for example, in areas such as education, medical/health practice, risk, the environment and technological innovation. Informed theoretically by the sociology of scientific knowledge, the book draws some far reaching conclusions and makes some important suggestions about the future of the relationship between science and the public. For example, it suggests that many of the inadequacies in the social integration and uptake of science might be overcome if modern scientific institutions were more reflexive and open about the implicit normative commitments embedded in scientific cultures.

Available to borrow by RSA Fellows - contact the Library for details. Ask about our Freepost service.

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