Friday, March 03, 2006

New Book - Emotionally durable design

Jonathan Chapman
Emotionally durable design: objects, experiences & empathy
Earthscan, 2005, 658.575 CHA

Jonathan Chapman explores the essential question, why do users discard products that still work? He transports the reader beyond symptom-focused approaches to sustainable design such as recycling, biodegradability and disassembly, to address the actual causes that underpin the environmental crisis we face. Proposing the emergence of a new genre of sustainable design that reduces consumption and waste by increasing the durability of relationships established between users and products, Chapman seeks to find creative strategies that will enable designers from a range of disciplines to explore new ways of thinking and designing of objects capable of supporting deeper and more meaningful relationships with their users.

Available to borrow by RSA Fellows - contact the Library for details. Ask about our Freepost service.

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