Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Book - After the neocons

Francis Fukuyama
After the neocons: where the right went wrong
Profile, 2006, 327.73 FUK

Attacking the right-wing policymakers he has previously associated with, influential political theorist Francis Fukuyama argues that the Bush administration, in the war in Iraq, has wrongly applied the principles of neo-conservatism. He provides an approach which emphasizes the importance of creating multiple international institutions, and of solving the problem of development policy which he believes needs to be directed not only at strengthening economies, but also at building up the state institutions that are necessary for stable economic growth to take place and for democracies to take root in the long term.

A summarizing extract of After the neocons can be read at The Times website, while The Observer and New Statesman both provide reviews.

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