Monday, April 24, 2006

New Book - Offshore

William Brittain-Catlin
Offshore: the dark side of the global economy
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005, 330.972 BRI

A revealing and chilling exposé on the hidden side of global wealth and power, Offshore is an unprecedented exploration of what can be seen as a mysterious aspect of global society today. BBC producer and corporate investigator William Brittain-Catlin tells the story of how tax havens have become central to global finance and takes us into the secret network of oganisations such as Parmalat- the company known as Europe's Enron- and behind international trade disputes, and into organized crime and terror networks. He argues that through offshore practices the key value of capitalism and civilization alike-freedom-is being put in grave danger.

Offshore is a lecture resource for the forthcoming RSA Lecture "Who's afraid of the New Europe? How off-shoring and tax competition will change the future" on Wednesday 17 May 2006, which is being held in association with leading offshore law firm Appleby Spurling Hunter, which provides a different take on the subject. Further information can be found at the Financial Services Authority and in this Open Democracy article - The Offshore world.

Sam Hinton-Smith
The Offshore world

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