Friday, April 21, 2006

New Books - Seeing what's next / The Innovator's solution

Clayton M Christensen & Scott D. Anthony
Seeing what's next: using the theories of innovation to predict industry change
Harvard Business School, 2004, 658.403 CHR

Clayton M Christensen & Michael E. Raynor
The Innovator's solution: creating and sustaining successful growth
Harvard Business School, 2003, 658.406 CHR

Clayton M Christensen is a Harvard Business School professor and leading expert in the field of technical innovation within business.

Seeing what's next offers a three-part model designed to help decision makers spot the signals of industry change, determine the outcome of competitive battles, and assess whether a firm's strategic choices ensure or threaten its future success. This hugely valuable work uses case studies from various industries including aviation and health care and is supplemented with diagnostics and tools.

Challenging the often very predictable process by which innovations are packaged and shaped within companies, The innovator's solution opens the black box of innovation to reveal the critical forces that impact the shaping of innovations within any organization, from inception to launch . It also offers practical guidance for the management of these so called 'disruptive technologies'. The innovator's solution is a resource for the forth coming RSA lecture "Using Disruptive innovation to drive growth and change" on Thursday 15 June 2006.

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